PhiTronAI : PhiTronAI is our business partner for all our Artificial intelligence and machine learning endeavours since August 2018.

PhiTronAI is operational in Lucknow ( A4-510, Oake-Wood Villa Sec B, Sushant Golf City, Lucknow).

Right now we are working on Image and Video analysis using AI and Deep Learning to solve traffic issues like automated challan, overspeeding detection and AI drones for intelligent surveillance. We are working with their co-founder and technical head Mr Rahul Singh on a cloud based AI solution to resolve such problems.

We are working on the frontend as well as backend along with mobile apps for the clients and end users.

Projects in pipeline along with PhiTronAI : –

  1. Occlusion detection and resolution in crowd
  2. Occlusion resolution in heavy traffic situations
  3. OverSpeeding detection
  4. Automated challan